Grading & Abreviations


All our records are visually graded. We do our best to grade our records as conservative as possible.
10 Mint record, unplayed, absolutely perfect. Consequently, it is almost impossible to find a record in this condition. We do not use this grade.
9 As new, no wear. A choice copy, slight signs of use.
8 Excellent record, bright copy, slight marks.
7 Very good record, some rubs or marks, no evident defects, clean copy.
6 Above average copy, moderate wear, well cared record, still a shiny copy.
5 Average copy, noticeable wear, very decent record.
4 Evident surface wear, still listenable.
3 Will play without skipping, heavy groove wear, noisy record.
2 Playable but seriously worn, evident defects.
1 Unplayable record. It might be cracked or similar. Other than for extremely rare items, we do not list these records.

AF Affecting " Inch
CK Crack OBLS On blank side
CS Center start OBS On both sides
G Groove OW Otherwise
GG Grey grooves POT Potential
G&T Gramophone and Typewriter RC Rim chip
GCR Gramophone Concert Record RD Rim damaged    
GMR Gramophone Monarch Record REP Repaired
HC Hairline crack RF Rim flake
HD Heat defect     RS Rough start
IB Internal bump S Stamper
IPC Internal pressure crack SCR Scratch
IPM Internal pressure mark SCS  Scuffed surface
LAM Lamination SH Short
LC Lamination crack SHD Spindle hole defect
LD Label damaged SHF Spindle hole flake
LG Light     SM Superficial marks 
LR Large SOL Sticker on label
ML Missing label SS Some spots
MS Mold spots ST Start
NA Not available SWOL Some wear on label
NC Needle cut TCK Tick
ND Needle dig TOL  tear on label
NOL Needle run on label ULC Under label crack
NR Needle run WLS Will lightly sound
NTRS Not touching recorded surface WNS Will not sound
NW Needs washing WOL Writing on label
O1S On 1st side WRP Warp
O2S On 2nd side WS  will sound
OB Open blister WT Will tick

SOL These stickers may be from a previous owner, tax stamp with composerīs name, etc. Usually, they are easily removable with water